#New Promo! For ChiaForum Users

New Promo! :cloud: :leaves:https://chiacloudplots.com/

We are welcoming the first 10 users who post on this thread “I love Chia” with a unbeatable price!!:

2$/plot on first order using the coupon CHIAFORUMPROMO

UNLIMITED number of plots at 2$ in the first order!

Promo conditions:
Answer this post with “I love Chia”!!!

We will be glad to have a little review in this post with your feedback about our PAAS. :grin:

Happy farming :leaves:,
Chia Cloud Plots

I love Chia
I love Chia

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I love Chia
if it’s unlimited amounts of plots for $2
if it’s per plot i no longer love chia and want my wife back

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I enjoy Chia… Love is a word that I’m not committing to yet. It’s not you, it’s me.

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Hi zEeTv!

As your wife probably told you, “How can it be infinite plots for 2$?!” That would break the conservation energy principle, and in this forum we respect the laws of the thermodinamics! Tell your wife that you love her, never is too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind Regards,
The Chia Cloud Plots Team

damn was it the fact i said “want her back” should have put more thought into it.

good luck

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