New setup is not working properly

Hi, I just have bought new pc, and installed ubuntu. I did follow steps from Chia decentral guide (Build a Budget Chia Cryptocurrency Plotting Rig -). Atm im ploting 4 k32 plots in parallel and its over 24 hours sins i started them. I did try to plot form chia app and did get worst results.
I was hoping for 2-2.5 TiB/day but now im not doing even 500gb. Worth to mention that im total noob in writing scripts in terminal etc.
-64gb 3600mhz ram
-Corsair MP600 NVME 4t
-2x16t hdd

Can you post your logs from an active plotting run please?

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thanks for help.

So all your log files show the plots in phase 1… they hang there and never complete?

The last lines are

Forward propagation table time: 17769.127 seconds. CPU (15.040%) Fri Apr 23 13:01:38 2021
Computing table 6

Forward propagation table time: 14628.513 seconds. CPU (17.070%) Fri Apr 23 15:31:00 2021
Computing table 7

Forward propagation table time: 15401.055 seconds. CPU (16.570%) Fri Apr 23 14:12:17 2021
Computing table 7

With bucket uniform sort. Are they stuck here?

(Also try uploading to an easier file host like pastebin. that file host was painful to use…)

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Try to run a single task on a hdd and see the logs.

This is a line from my 5 year old rig just starting on a plot with rusty HDD plow (I run one job per disk in addition to parallel jobs on SSD /tmp so nothing is idle (I don’t advise that on SMR disks, they wear out faster than SSD!)). From the start of the log, no need for a long test.

F1 complete, time: 451.71 seconds. CPU (175.45%) Fri Apr 23 11:35:30 2021

The worst it gets is

F1 complete, time: 526.351 seconds. CPU (188.87%) Wed Apr 21 18:45:02 2021

While yours is more than three times beyond bad

F1 complete, time: 1813.88 seconds. CPU (16.96%) Thu Apr 22 16:12:30 2021

Something is seriously wrong and it might be Corsair degrading with heavy parallel access.


Here is the log1-1 in pastebin format.
I gues i will try to swap ssd in to other slot and check that.
Is swaping system to windows is worth trying ?

That’s same log after 20h

I think even in parallel people are staggering plots about 90 minutes apart. Phase 1 hits the CPU pretty hard. Are you doing that?

You should change your log level to Debug, and then tail those logs and see if errors are showing up.

From memory I believe the command is chia configure —log-level DEBUG Then you need to restart the entire chia process and try another plot. You can also try a smaller plot (like a k25) first just to see the whole process work end to end. Won’t be viable for farming, but it’s a lot quicker than a k32.