New to cryptos, what to do with chia

Hello guys,

I’m new to cryptos and tonight i got my first chia reward.

What can i do with it before the release on 3rd may and what will i be able to do after 3rd may?

Is it possible to convert it into other coin right now ? What about $?

I know it’s not supposed to release transactions till 3rd may but i see there’s operations going on in Hotbit so…i’m wondering what is going on

Thanks in advance

Whatever your heart desires!! :smiley: May 3rd is the big day, transactions go live and that means we’ll start to see a valuation emerge!! ie. how much USD are people willing to exchange for 1 XCH. We don’t need “centralized exchanges” to figure it out, but that’s THE question, and free market dynamics will dictate the price. (greater supply → PRICE GO DOWN :arrow_heading_down: or greater demand → PRICE GO UP :arrow_heading_up: )

Chia coins are really programs, but until you get transaction on the chain you cant “spend” them to a new program.
Once transactions start you can write a chialisp program that spends the coin to a new set of spending rules. Its fully programmable so you can make clever things like recoverable wallets, wallets delayed to a certain time. Rate limited wallets, multi party requirements. It’s endless.
Colored coins are really cool where you can set aside a number of mojos (fractions of an xch) with rules to make custom currencies/programs.

Recoverable “cold” wallet


Interesting post, and great financial advice - whoever is on the team has investing and personal finance background.