New to the Community

Hi everyone,

I was invited to join this community by a member on here. I run the blog I’m mainly focused on windows and I’m blogging about my experiences so that others don’t hit walls and get discouraged. Looking forward to see how this community grows.


Welcome! Your tutorials are great, I’m sure the folks here will be able to use them in their own plotting efforts, thanks for making them!

Feel free to create new threads for your posts when they come out here so they can get some attention and people can visit and discuss.


Thank you. Many times I have been saved by people on the internet with roadblocks I’ve encountered. I’ve always wanted to give back but just didn’t know with what. My enthusiasm for Chia has allowed me to take the leap on it.

Thanks for the invite here also.

Hey, your blog is awesome to know about Chia.
I’ll tell my friends to read your blog, not the whole Reddit.
I’d appreciate and hope you continue this content and have fun!

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