New Windows Instance Install

My main concern is how long will it take to sync full_node, two, three or five days? Or there is an option to make it quicker?

As addition, my paranoidal entity can’t be bothered more that one of the harvester is running under of inactivated windows. Does it matter?

Kluyjte kluyjte

Initial sync time can take a day or two. I believe it was recently sped up. If you can’t wait, you can always try to find another source to download the chain db from.

two days is alright i guess. thanks

33 hours for my Linux to Sync when I had to fit a new SSD. The online DB was NO GOOD. Also couldn’t make a sync from the old SSD or from another Harvester. Chia kept ‘saying’ problems and refused to sync to those DB. So had to wait 33 hours…

Actually that is my plan to use windows backup & restore feature.

The DB is a single file that you can copy to a separate drive