Newb question. How to update plotman to new revisions

I am running plotman on Ubuntu 21.04. I installed a few weeks ago and it works and I’m getting roughly 36 plots per day. I am reading about the increased performance on plotman (at least I think it’s plotman referenced) for later revision/forks. Any ideas? plotman 0.3.1
Times below for reference. This is while running 16 parallel plots with 40 min staggers.

Time for phase 1 = 13375.259 seconds. CPU (158.360%) Wed Jun 9 09:21:15 2021
Time for phase 2 = 6519.859 seconds. CPU (83.570%) Wed Jun 9 11:09:55 2021
Time for phase 3 = 14910.020 seconds. CPU (83.310%) Wed Jun 9 15:18:25 2021
Time for phase 4 = 1093.257 seconds. CPU (82.550%) Wed Jun 9 15:36:38 2021
Total time = 35898.397 seconds. CPU (111.300%) Wed Jun 9 15:36:38 2021

Leute habe ein Problem …benutze auch den Madmax Plotter ,das Problem ist er erstellt einen TMP Plot Datei?? und keine mit der Endung Plot?? der Plot wird dadurch nicht erkannt!!! Weiss einer wo da das Problem liegt?? bitte um Hilfe.Lg

Hey there, could you please translate your post one way or another so the forum members can more easily participate?

Lass ihn halt mal fertig plotten…