Newbie need to instruct how to setup Farm/Harvest

Hi All,
I know that the crypto market is down now and XCH is not an exception, But i believe in the long run is differ from now
But i want to do make CHIA farm, but im not technician and do not know much more about code, but i love this and want to do this.
I do hope i can receive all of your instructions with details of how to setup code, pool,… to harvast/farm CHIA.

Will your computers be Windows or Linux?

What are your long-term goals?

For example, do you have an estimate on how many TB of storage you will be dedicating to this endeavor?

Depending on the number of TB, the design of your set-up will differ.

Hi @seymour.krelborn ,
Thanks for your comments,
My OS is Win 10
I’ m using SSD 2T NVMe
1T SATA for Win 10 OS
CPU : Intel I 5, 6 core, 6 threads
My long term : i want to get more CHIA, hold CHIA, not sell, by Plotting/Farming

If your long term plan is to max out at 5 hard drives, that is a completely different set-up vs. maxing out at 150 drives, or 1,500 drives, etc.

Woa. 5 Hard drive, can you share me how many Tb for each, ? And Power supply ?

I do not know what that means.

If you do not provide answers to my questions, then I can’t help you.

Ah, so sorry my english is not good enough, I mean, How many TB for each drive and total how much TB for 5 hard drives combine ?

If you have 5 x 20TB disks costing $2000, it might earn $1 per day

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Chia results are mainly dependent upon how many plot files you have.

Used drives, depending on their age, can range in capacity to not being able to store a single plot, to being able to store approximately 200 plots.

Hard drives once held 5 MB, and now hold 22 TB.

New hard drives range from 1 TB (some even less) to 22 TB.

If you go with five 1 TB drives, you will be able to store approximately 45 plots.
If you go with five 22 TB drives, you will be able to store approximately 1,000 plots.

So you would have to decide used drives or new drives, and the capacity of each drive.
The smaller capacity drives cost the least, and you will pay a premium for 20 TB and 22 TB drives.

Which ones are the most cost effective is based on price per TB.
Take the price of the drive and divide that by its size.

If an 18 TB drive costs $300, then its price per TB is 300 / 18, or $16.66 per TB.

The above is one example. You can search for better prices in whatever capacity fits your budget.

If you intend on getting dozens, or more, drives, then you might want to factor in your electricity costs and be prepared to send $$ on cooling the drives and deal with the additional heat generated in your room.

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If you are not strong with command line, I recommend sticking with Windows 10 (or 11 if you already have it installed) and just installing the full Chia program. You can do everything you ask from here - create a wallet, join a pool, create plots, and then farm those plots. Good luck on the adventure, and if you get stuck at some point, someone here can probably help you out. Welcome to the club 8).

I don’t care about earning money at this moment or ROI, because the market is down now. What i need to know is how many CHIA per day or any what requirements are CHIA distribute rewards bease on ?

Hi @seymour.krelborn,

  • Any different between one 6Tb and six 1TB? ( i mean new drives);
  • As your mentioned:

* List item

1TB will be able store about 45 plots, ,mean:
6TB will be able store about 270 Plots ( 6 x 45)
( first, i will use 6 TB HDD and 2TB SSD NVMe first, then will upgrade every 2-4 week, depends)

Other question, any formula to define how much XCH reward will be distributed base on the plots we are farming

Can you clear for me, do i need 2 computer, one for create Plotting and the Other for farming, If so, which is best computer configuration for each, Please share me details, Thanks

Hi @Captain_Plots-a-lot ,
Sure i will upgrade to Win 11, i do hope it will help me a lot and i need your help btw :wink:
If i have already had computer, what i should do next to get Plot and farming to get CHIA, please share me step be step, may thanks ( video or link will be highly appreciated :wink:

For chia income estimates.

Yes, 6 drives cost more elec to run.
Chia rewards would be the same if you join all the leftover space on each drive to plot on, else your losing that space.

So 6 tb expected time to get a block is 1year, for 2 xch reward.
Realistically you could win in a few months, or after 5 years.
Block rewards could drop before you hit one meaning you would get less than 2 xch.

If you pool, you could expect apx .0025 per day

You know how youtube works?

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Hi @Bones ,
as your calculation information, 6TB → 1 block → 2XCH/year cost a lot of money and time
With this money, i will buy XCH/ trading is better solution at this time,
BTW, i still setup plotting and farming together with BUY XCH ( Plotting to hold for long time later use) :slight_smile:

Sure, i know how to learn from youtube