Newbie - Plots With Missing Keys

Hi, New to the forum. Does anyone know why I have Plots with Missing Keys within the GUI? I swapped computers and am using external hdds (not much only 10Tb) but used the 24 word mnemonic login. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Is the new machine fully synced yet? And What Operation system are you running? In the plots tab if in windows check to see that its correct, can also look at the config.yaml file and look for plot_directories:, in y file its around line 168.

It is a new machine and synced. I had plots created from my old computer onto the external hard drives and then just plugged the hard drives into the new computer. Its windows operating system. Plot directories all match up correctly, but still says missing keys

Might you still have the old machine, If you load the GUI and before you click the private key fingerprint you can get all your keys from the EYE picture. This way you can check both machine for the same keys. What version chia did you install?