NexusPool is open - 0% fees for the next 30 days

As with many another Pools we are very excited to announce that has officially opened our pools to mainnet.

We have been slowly rolling out mainnet releases over the past week preparing for the launch of the 1.2.0 with the Official Pool protocol.

Our Pool Plot NFT Url is We are currently operating pools in multiple regions with automatic fail over to the next closest pool.

Check out our website for more details.

I would be very happy to answer any questions…

Happy Farming!!!

Are there any minimum payouts, or minimum plots required? Does my location matter for filling challenge times?

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At this point there is no minimum payout and we wont see that changing for the forseeable future. As for your location it could make a difference however we do have pool servers in many geographic locations so you should be routed to the closest pool. The Chia block chain is much more forgiving than other networks.

Isn’t the whole point of joining a pool to ensure you are part of a bigger subnetspace? Shouldn’t a pool have the total space of the pool front and center on the first page?

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The nexuspool page needs some work. people want to know how much netspace it has, farmers on pool, when payouts are made, fees to expect, who runs the pool, and where it is located. Having a start guide and a pool URL to join is definitely better than most. Zero fees are very appealing, but the site didn’t display the information I needed to make me decide to join.

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