NFT Minting Tools

Do you know of any other tools out there that will help with minting? Here’s a couple I’ve found:

They aren’t flawless, but they do help a lot.


And someday I will be pushing one up to Github also. It’s still a work in progress at the moment. But one of my focuses (maybe different from others) will be on photography NFTs.

UPDATE: I’ve added a new column to my links page to track minting tools. XCH DEV


I went ahead a published a couple of proofs of concepts.

nftstorage-proofofconcept - This script is a proof of concept. The goal is to build a script to be able to upload a file to and get the CID back.

exif2metadata-proofofconcept - This script is a proof of concept. The goal is to build a script to be able to build a metadata file by extracting EXIF data from a photograph. Also, includes a preparation script to build some collection metadata that can be reused for other files.


Came across another tool on Github… Imagenaria - Chia NFT Util

Update: Another one… XCHCentral Mint-An-NFT


Why are these links links?

UPDATE: I changed them all to the full URL instead of links.

Because I grabbed them off the links page on I use a markdown system for that site and links make it easier to maintain the tables in markdown because they are all the same length. MDwiki

I can edit each post and change to the full URL if that is preferred.

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I made a script for myself. It takes csv of URIs, hashes, and the mint options and mints with the RPC.

I made it this way so that I could do multiple file and metadata URIs when I mint. When I make my NFTs I use IPFS and arweave.

If you use it you’ll need to customize it for your needs: GitHub - roybotbot/roybotNFT-Minter: Chia NFT minting script using RPC and data from a CSV file

I generated the metadata with a tweaked version of the script here: GitHub - zakhikhan/chia-nft-minting-helper: a bash script to help make the process of minting a series of NFTs on the Chia Blockchain easier.

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Another one

(And don’t forget, you use all these tools/scripts at your own risk!)

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Is there any way to create a mint page like most collections do on, for instance, ETH? So that the person can visit the page, connect a wallet, pay for the NFT and receive it on that connected wallet.

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You can kinda do that, I think.

If you have Goby wallet and go to dexie, I think you can do something similar.