NFT plot... mem pool?

Hi, I am lost, I created an ntf plot that I added in my old personal plots, to continue mining alone for a while, but there, I find myself mining for a mem pool? also my 0,00…1chia faucet is gone but I end up with 0.000000000099 XCH unconfirmed? I did not select any pool ??? an explanation? am I mining with just my 1added new nft plot on an virtual pool???

Yes you are mining for your own “pool” now, that’s how the new system works.
It’s the pool of only you

To create the nft, you spent 1 mojo.

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ok Thanks, im still a bit confused^^ so if i claim rewards i will get them even if i did not find any blocks? also are all my old plots farming or just that new ntf one?