NFT plots used to farm chiaforks?

as we know, the new NFT plots doesn’t have pool key.
but FLAX GUI also regonized these plots, are these plots effected for chiaforks farming?
Can I make NFT plots both for POOL FARMING by CHIA
and solo farming by FLAX or other chiaforks?

With plots made for chia NFT I’ve got only 0.25 on hddcoin (another fork) to farmer key and “pool not found” error. Only 0.25 of 2 coins

thanks a lot. so it’s only 1/8 reward if i do that way.

Yeap. Only 1/8. It’s not 2 at one hand, but little bit more than nothing for no additional cost at another. :rofl:

The required NFT isn’t available on the fork, so no way to claim any reward that was gone to a NFT contract address.

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Of course…
I shouldn’t try to help before my morning coffee.

The only way is find cheat how to create NFT for plot :sweat_smile:

Yes, but probably this could be possible without cheating…
We need the same contract address for our NFTs on the fork.

Have no ideas how to do that.

We are working on doing NFT support the proper way for Flax, but this is super delicate (see for example [BUG] Pooling plots not usable for pooling on other chains without breaking consensus protocol changes · Issue #7134 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub). In the meantime this is not yet supported.

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thanks for hard work. I would like to see flax support this feature asap.

Hey! I just want to drop a note that as of last week, farming NFT plots on the latest Flax 0.1.1 will get the full 2 XFX reward (with a 1 week delay baked into the pooling contract).

You can read more about it on our Reddit announcement:

This is a stopgap measure before consensus changes we will make in Flax 0.2 (which will be a mandatory upgrade for everyone) to add full support for secure pooling with both NFT and OG plots.

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