NFT.Storage.Net - minimalistic C# .net interface

Don’t know if this is right here or in the nft Forum.

I have written a small library. As of right now, it can only upload but it does the job. Perhaps will be expanded in the future or you want to expand it.

Current Features:

  • Upload Files with a size up to 100mb to
  • Files are uploaded in your account (api key required)
  • Returns Sha256Sum, CID and URL of the file
  • validates uploaded copy sha256sum against local file
  • Can be used async
  • implements the rate throttling (10 uploads per 10 seconds per api key)

Feel free to use it if you are programming something in .net c#

usage example:

// generate a unique test image, resembling a UUID
// create api instance
NFT_Storage_API api = new NFT_Storage_API(GlobalVar.TestApiKey);
NFT_File file = api.Upload("Testfile1.png").Result;
// use url for rpc, sharing, opening file or getting checksum 
string url = file.URL;
string checksum = file.Sha256Sum;
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  • Now supports bulk uploads.
  • Added upload pipeline which automatically concatenates files to folders with respect to api limitations.
    (is still painfully slow)