NFTs lost after migrating full node to another computer

After migrating the full node to another computer (copied over the database, and imported account from mnemonics) and mainnet & wallet both are fully synced, NFTs are missing under the Pool tab.

In my understanding the NFTs should be bound to the account which can be synced from the blockchain, right? Why is this happening? Is it a bug under 1.2.3?

There is a bug. The NFT’s are added to the GUI interface as they are found during the sync. If you copied the database, there was no sync, so they were not “found”. So they do not show. But, a quick way to fix it is to change to “self pooling”. That action will trigger all of your NFT’s to show up and you will still be in the pool that you were in before. The new “Self Pooling” NFT will show, but you will not be switched to it. Really odd, but that is how it worked for me.

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Is this the same bug that is when the NFT doesn’t show when you install Chia on a fresh system (or reinstall Chia)? I tried to reinstall Chia the other day and my NFT went away.

It’s a bug . In my case when I registered a new NFT the old one appears again.

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Delete and resync wallet db or create a new NFT for self pool. You will spend 1 mojo but in 10 minutes your old NFT will appear.

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It worked, thanks buddy!

I’ve just registered to thank you for your great help that worked. THANK YOU :rose:

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Just be carefull if you need to do that to often.
If you create to many nft’s ( over 24) you might end up with a system that doesn’t work very well.