No farm/plotter/etc ... yet you want CHIA's XCH

So lets see how to get XCH without a farm/plotter …

  1. Buy low and sell high, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and always remember to DYOR – Do Your Own Research.

  2. Trading is another traditional way to make money – and it’s also one of the best ways to earn crypto a tad more difficult to get XCH quickly. Depending on pairs with XCH, money can be made on fluctations. When I trade crypto it’s always as USDT pair at peak and buy back when the coin/token dives. This counts also for point 1.

  3. There are reward systems in the form of a website or a mobile/desktop application that gives you some mojo (XCH) for completing a captcha or another simple task. Called Faucets.

  1. DCA , a model I simply like buy every month or week /day a bit of XCH (I did that with other cryptocurrencies not yet with XCH) far from bad …
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I plan to edit this post with links that are useful, and 5 -6 or are left out … share your ways how to get XCH without a farm/plotter and lets see what we can make of a list … exchanges/faucets/etc