No gui, windows chia plotter?

I give up on the chia on windows 11

I’ll use a rpi4 8gb. To farm ma chia

But I’d still need a good plotter for windows.

One that doesn’t use the chia gui.

Any suggestions ??

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From the command prompt:

chia plots create --help
The above will show the options for using Chia’s default plotter

– or –

chia_plot.exe (from your madmax directory)
chia_plot_k34.exe (from your madmax directory)

Both of the above default to creating k32 plots.
If you want k33 or k34 size plots, then use the -k option with chia_plot_k34.exe

For either of the above, add:
for the options.


Or, if you want to just plot k32, you don’t need to install chia at all. You can download just the plotter from Stotiks github page. (it is the official Win build for MM).

The code is old (about a year), but (I think) it is the same code as bundled with the chia installation (the chia_plot.exe).

Alternatively, you can copy that chia_plot.exe from any Win box, as it doesn’t have any dependencies on the rest of chia code.

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Just add your keys and stir!!

Whats the size of that windows11 disk? Take it out and save it and replace it and install windows 10. Then you can cookie cutter all of this stuff. Ebay has great deals on Samsung EVO SSD disks (wouldn’t get anything smaller than 500gb).

I think not, but im unsure, but if it were, how is this possible?

Afaik they included mm, not stotiks.

@jonesjr wrote that he gave up on the GUI (or words to that effect). That means that he installed the GUI, but it will not run (or not run properly).

As such, he has the plotting related executables to run from the command prompt, as those executables are packaged with the GUI installation.

If that comment was aimed at me, ( i asume so , as you didnt @ anyone other than the op ) and i was the last poster.

I get that, but it has no relevance as to what i was questioning, that being stotiks being included in chia install and not mm.

My assumption is being as mm contracted with chia, he made a windows compilation.
But thats pure assumption on my part.

If which comment? Mine?

Well yes, if you reply to the above post it doesnt aim the comment at any particular person, assuming your responding to the previous post.

My last reply was meant to be humorous, because you did what I did.

On my plotter, I have chia v1.3.3, and chia_plot claims version “1.1.6-2092041”

The latest stotiks’ version replies “Build 0.1.6-chives for Windows.”

If you really want to have the latest code, then MMX has mmx_plot that gives “1.1.8-4390eb5” Although, I don’t think that in that code there are any “plot creation” improvements, but rather just MMX related adjustments. Plot times, and RAM requirements are basically the same as with stotiks’ build v0.1.6.

If you go to Max’s github Issues page, you will see there Max stating that Stotiks’ builds are the official Windows builds. Although, it may be that his comment is only related to MMX side.

Stotiks is not changing the original code, he only wraps it in Microsoft Visual Studio project, and builds it as is. So, yes, those two binaries are different (Chia vs. Stotiks), but the underlying code is most likely the same. Of course, chia_plot-k34.exe has code that is not included in Stotiks’ build.

It may be that MMX will have a new plotter in a month/two, but I am not sure whether anything was announced about it yet. Also, I am not sure whether that plotter will be still compatible with the Chia project (I would think that it will have speed improvements similar to what BB Disk is working on, and potentially compression similar to NoSSD, but that is just my guess).

Dont quit the day job!

My comment, where I wrote that @jonesjr already has the executables, was aimed at no one in particular (I will always identify to whom my comment refers – if I don’t screw up).

@jonesjr was asking about plotting without the GUI, and I was pointing out that he already has the executables, based on him installing the GUI and having issues with getting it to run.

So can stotiks plot k34?
Because your post said

Where as @seymour.krelborn suggests the added mm can do k34.

So that was the conflict i was working from.

By the way, the standard Chia executable: “chia plots create …” will also create k34 plots, with the -k option (upper limit is k35). But it is a slug, compared to madmax.


Ok, just seemed you were stating the obvious to me, as youd already covered it in your op in the thread.

Anyhow, enjoy your day.

Yes, most of us gave up on that long ago.

Not sure whether or not @jonesjr gave it up.

@jonesjr has not chimed in, and he was having issues. I do not know the extent of his issues. And he did not know about his already installed executables.

With the above in mind, I wanted him to know all of his options. With his current unknown state of his hardware and OS, etc, I thought it best to spell it out, in case he has an issue with the madmax command line.

chia_plot.exe is equivalent to stotiks’ build (as far as the code base). chia_plot_k34.exe is a new code that is not included with stotiks’ plotter build. mmx_plot.exe (included with stotics’ mmx-node build) can build at least up to k34 (based on Max’s discord - FAQ, as --help gives the old k32 stuff).

By the way, MMX blockchain will support k30 and up. As with higher k-values the hash density drops slightly per TB of disk space, maybe that is the reason to not have much interest in higher k-value plotting options.