No plot logs generated when using Powershell CLI to plot (Win10)

Not sure if this is normal behavior but anytime I plot through PS, I do not get a log of the plot in .chia\mainnet\plotter. Am I expected to pipe the output into my own logs or does CLI log elsewhere?

Normally I queue 4-8 plots (sequential plots) at a time, is there way to separate the logs every time it starts a new plot?

Yes, that is the case… there’s a lot of logging options in powershell and “tee” commands and things like that.


In case anyone searches for this I found using Tee-Object generates a log file for each plot (even in sequential plotting) with the PlotName.log (matches the actual plot file name).

.\chia plots create -k 32 -b 4000 -r 3 -u 128 -n 4 -t D:\TempPlots -d E:\Plots | Tee-Object -FilePath "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\.chia\mainnet\plotter\$([GUID]::NewGUID().ToString('D')).log"