No reward from chia

kjhb…nb address and check y

Check your payout address and check you own it.

Are you doing OG plots, self-pooling, or a member of a pool?

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classic farming… and self pool

Did you ever use a pool? ( other than self pool.)
Sometimes the change payout address.

That’s a partial proof.
You didn’t win a reward.
If your solo you won nothing.
With 14tb you probably never will if your solo farming.
Look at joining a pool and you’ll actually get a little bit of chia for your work.

I have 200tb and I’m still waiting to hit a block. I find lots of partial proofs (any day now hopefully)

They say they are not pooling, just self pooling which doesn’t use partials.

Ppl have won with alot less even with similar netspace to now.

If he’s solo farming and he wins a block then he gets chia. No chia = no block.
The win will happen locally so it’s not a payment issue. He didn’t win because he didn’t win.

If they fudged their configuration that’s not necessarily true.

Easy way to find out… enter the hash in the chia explorer and look at the results.

Who fudged up what config?
He has plots on a key and he farms the same key that’s it.
It’s possible he’s logged into the wrong wallet and farming an old wallet i guess.
If he’s been solo from day one and he on the right wallet and he replied with a proof within 30 seconds and minted a block then he’ll get a reward.

How can I possibly know that, its not my setup.

People have been struck by lightning to but I’m saying he probably won’t get struck by lightning.
It says estimated 2 years so the odds are not on his side.

To put this into perspective, I also mine flux and I have an estimated time to win of 3 days.
I’ve won 3 times since June.

On chia I have a time to win of 1 month but I haven’t won a block yet.

2 years is optimistic. A couple of months is unrealistic. Yes someone somewhere is winning with 1 plot but let’s be real here.

I am being real, a fudged config will easily mess up where coins end up.

This debate is going nowhere, let’s drop it pls.

address and cham being reeck y

Screenshot ur pool tab pls