No rewards for 9863 plots for about a month

Join HPool my friend. I was against it for some time, then I got tired of waiting multiple weeks for a block reward.

And redo 6k plots…pass:) Ill join a pool when I lose to much ground on the netspace

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Completely with you there. My top end is about 180 plots/day but the energy cost to do that is not so cheap. Just farming ~5K plots for now isn’t very costly.

What? You don’t have to replot a single plot to move to hpool. You point your solo plots to hpool and only run their harvester.

It’s super fast and rewards are guaranteed.

With 9k plots you’re getting 2.5-3XCH every couple weeks.

I think Littlegrand and I are referring more to the mid-term, at least I am. I’m also not willing to fuss with compromising keys.

…and more to the point, I’m earning more than 2.5-3XCH in that timeframe with 5K plots. So :man_shrugging:t4:

Changing the config to stop automatic plots loading fixed the problem for me.
plot_loading_frequency_seconds: 1264000

Cool. Been doing this since the very early days before mainnet. I have consistent rewards now on mainnet for the most part. My longest dry-spell was 17 days.

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Interesting. I’ve been thinking of bumping that but statistically the concerning items in my logs are so low % that I haven’t been too worried. But now, of course I have to see if it also fixes my occasional > 1 sec proof times. Here we go again. :rofl:

@danarbraz You’re winning with more than 5k plots. So it seems the problem of not winning is due to something else, not the looking up quality? What could it be?

@legcramp , I though we have to replot to join hpool. Do you have an instruction?

I have not a lot to back it up, but I think a huge factor is proof time. Once I got that consistently low (under 1sec on average), my wins have been statistically in line with my % of the netspace, give or take 2-3 days.

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@brianP Not sure about qualities yet, but can confirm that bumping plot_loading_frequency_seconds from its default (120s) has eliminated proof times over 1sec in my config. Not a huge deal since, guess what? …I’d only have a ~1.5sec proof ever 2 mins (duh!) but it’s nice have a simple config change make a diff. The 120s dir scan was adding enough latency to matter. Thanks!

Good to know that it helps. I’m tired, maybe joining hpool now. :pensive:

I used this guide, it’s fairly simple. You can run the miner/harvester separately on each pc if you run multiple machines, just make sure you turn off the official chia farmer so you don’t double-farm and get banned from hpool.

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Hello, the all chia is a bit of mess. Farming on every other cypto project things are 1+1=2 even on filecoin things are clear. Farming on chia is like wtf. Atm i have 1 rig with 1.4 PiB and for now i have like 14141 plots. To make things simple and more stable i use 1 machine for all the system so theoretically nothing can go wrong. I have 2 others server(256GB Ram with madmax) that can create 55 plots/day each and deliver on my main rig over network. Port 8444 on fiber optic with dedicated ip and so on. Each time 12-15 or even more plots are passing the filter. No other software but only commands that i run from power shell just to be sure that no one can touch my 0 xch. So if you got 2xch already you are very lucky there are others with 0.

2021-06-26T11:54:23.482 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 5 plots were eligible for farming 7961c26c98… Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.51566 s. Total 14141 plots

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I won a block with 175 plots plotted in 4 weeks on an 11 year old Mac with a 4G wireless router at the arse end of the world.

If you’re going to join a pool, foxypool Home - Foxy Docs appears to be a much safer bet than Hpool.

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1.4PiB and 0 XCH… damn that is incredibly unlucky… I can’t believe it

The probability of winning at least a block with 1.4PiB within 1 month is 99.9%. Something is wrong with his setup if he hasn’t won within several weeks with that amount of plots.


Thanks, I’ll resume the other harvesters as well as check the system clock. However I wonder which time zone base it should be set up.

Does anyone know how does the system time affect the proof? Is it based on timezone? How the Chia timelord know what timezone I’m in? What if I’m in Pacific time and set to +7 UTC? Or is it based on the difference between harvester/farmer?