Node stopped syncing

I looked at other posts, and didn’t see anything that could of helped. I woke up this morning, and it showed that my node stopped syncing around 2:45 am at block 278623. I used the command line to restart the node, no success. What could be causing this? Yes, I am updated to version 1.1.5. Yes, port 8444 is open and it shows I am connected to peers.

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Update. I was able to get it restarted for a minute, and it advanced, then stopped again. I have restarted everything, including the GUI, but it will still not sync. Anyone have any advice? I really stuck.

Mine is also not syncing, dunno why

I restarted my farmer and it is in the process of syncing again so that’s good. No idea why it stopped initially though

I have restarted it several times. It will make a little progress, then stop again. I don’t know why it continues to stop.

I’m also having the same issue.

I catch the gui being not synced a few times a day, for just a few minutes, which is sort of okay I guess.

But also this morning it was out of synch when I woke up. Did exactly what you have tried, restarted through cli. opened and closed the gui several times. had to restart pc. still did not work. tried to move my full node onto a different machine because I am also plotting on this device and mining eth, so I’m thinking may be it’s too much. but I couldn’t move the node, ended up messing with my config files, unintalling reinstalling chia on both machines. after spending a few hours, it finally worked but I have no idea what the issue was in the first place.

I may of solved my problem. Still working on it. I checked my node connections, and all my connections were at a lower block than I was. What I did was disconnected most of the ones that were lower than me, and connected to ones that were higher. Right now it appears to be working. I’ll see afterwhile if it fully syncs.

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Ah okay that’s intersting, will definitely look into that.

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I just checked and that was not the case for me. only 6 peers were lower than me, which is normal I guess.

That may, or may not of been your problem. You totally restarted everything, so it may of gotten you up to speed. Definitely something to look at next time though. Mine is still going, hopefully it is totally synced soon.

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I am out of sync once more, and it’s been 15 minutes now. Will try to go through the logs to see what’s happening :confused:

I am having the same difficulty. Tried most of what i’ve been able to search. I can get it to start syncing/farming for a few minutes and then it drops back out?

Was wondering if it might be related to the number of people jumping on causing issues with them dropping back out?

I do notice under connections there are MANY node listed… So I am wondering if it saying “Not connected” is just cosmetic. I dont know how to confirm this though.

I wouldn’t trust that its cosmetic. Did you make sure that the list of node connections, most of them have a higher height than you?

Mine said “not syncing” but the block height was increasing each time I ran “chia show -s”, so it actually was getting synced up. Mine seems to be working fine now.

Current Blockchain Status: Not Synced. Peak height: 280387
Time: Fri May 14 2021 15:49:46 America Height: 280387

Looks as if im fairly behind.

I’ve checked, Port 8444 is open. All that I can see looks as if it should be working. But it will not Sync.

okey, I confirmed Block height is going up… Still no connection.

Okey, Maybe “Farming status: Not synced or not connected to peers” is ambiguous. Maybe everything is good but just not sync’d?

I doubt it’s cosmetic. I have the same issue.

Have you checked the “Last Attempted Proof” from the Farm Tab? In my case, when I am out of sync, there are no new attempts to proofs…

I am using linux with no GUI, I dont know how to pull that information up yet.