NoSSD 3.0 vs GH 3.0 plot compare on RTX 3060


looking GH 3.0 compressed plot chart:

having a RTX 3060 12GB GPU I can replot using C29-C30 and maybe C31 Level, at the same time on NoSSD 3.0, has posted on telegram, I can use C35 or C36 level

I have about 250 TB of space actually running on NoSSD 2.3, which is the best solution have my GPU ?

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In your situation, seems you get more gain moving to the new NoSSD version and probably C36.

One more question to ask is how many TBs 3060 12GB can handle for those compression level. Max provided that info in that table, not sure if NoSSD also has it somewhere.

By the way, in that GH table 3060 ti is used as a base, and that one has only 8GB. Your card has 12GB, so it may also bite on c32 plots for around 80TB farm.

You have to guesstimate, based on available information.
They DID state somewhere that the old C15 level needed about as much GPU to farm as the new C33-34, so use the old table and compare.

If you download the software (you can run it even without any nossd plots) it will benchmark your system and give you an estimate of how many plots and which levels of compression it can farm. It will even calculate for multiple gpus. That way you can make an educated decision.

A good point.
I forgot the benchmark would run with no plots at all.