NoSSD and SMB Farming?

Hi there,
I’m farming with 5600 C14 NoSSD Plots. All in a NetApp 4246 with an HP Z440 and a RTX 3060 12GB. Farming and plotting simultanously. Works great. Some of them are already on a Synology NAS and connect via SMB. I just want to find out, if that works.
Does anybody do that ? Do I have to watch the farming process all the time to find out, if there is some warnings ? Is there an log file ? Do I have to use this -r flag for the farming client ?

BTW, I tried with C15 but I got too many warnings although the benchmark test was telling me it should work.

Greetings from Germany

Should be fine with smb, after loading hdd it takes around 5 mb/s to farm 12k c14 plots

I get this from time to time. It’s about 6000 plots altogether and 200 are on the NAS.
I think, I keep it like that. Or can I do something with the -r parameter ? Any other solution ?
Greetings from Germany

08:09:38 WARNING: Quality from "/mnt/syno_plots/D5B1...BC3D.fpt" was not processed before challenge timeout
08:09:46 Signage point 3aa7...3a4d
08:09:54 Signage point 663d...6606
08:10:02 Signage point 828f...6860
08:10:11 Signage point 33e2...83b4
08:10:20 Signage point 4423...aa0e
08:10:29 Signage point 5b7b...8717
08:10:38 Signage point e33a...c40c
08:10:47 Signage point d6e6...e1c6
08:10:56 Signage point 585b...e603
08:11:04 Signage point ccff...7393
08:11:12 Signage point 1297...a6c4
08:11:21 Signage point c8f8...25db
08:11:29 Signage point 5d36...1c64
08:11:38 Signage point 7b61...e660
08:11:39 WARNING: Quality from "/mnt/syno_plots/7CBE...C079.fpt" was not processed before challenge timeout
08:11:46 Signage point 9ffa...16cb
08:11:51 Plot "/mnt/syno_plots/CDA4...FC21.fpt" included in mining
08:11:55 Signage point 3fff...8dff
08:12:00 Found 147 new plots, restart the client to view report
08:12:03 Signage point d427...8d18
08:12:12 Signage point 72b4...c509
08:12:20 Signage point e4e8...abfa
08:12:28 Signage point f2c3...d0a3
08:12:30 WARNING: Quality from "/mnt/syno_plots/F228...F35F.fpt" was not processed before challenge timeout