NoSSD Chia Pool update! GPU mining, 50.3GiB plots, >200% reward, new CPU & GPU plotters

NoSSD Chia Pool version 2.0
Now with GPU mining!

1. New compression levels (for GPU mining only):

      Plot size   Reward   GTX1080Ti   RTX4090
C10    70.8GiB     143%      24PiB      126PiB
C11    64.9GiB     156%       9PiB       44PiB
C12    60.8GiB     167%     4.4PiB       25PiB
C13    57.3GiB     177%     2.5PiB       14PiB
C14    53.8GiB     188%     1.2PiB      7.5PiB
C15    50.3GiB     201%     0.5PiB      3.1PiB

Our GPU miner uses CUDA and requires Nvidia GPU with compute capability 3.5 or higher.

2. New CPU plotter

We completely reworked our previous CPU plotter and now it’s up to four times faster.
13900K CPU makes C15 plots in less than 3 minutes.

No finalization step is required anymore!

Note, that our new plotters support C10-C15 compression levels only and can’t produce old C1-C5 plots.

3. New GPU plotter

Less than 2 minutes per plot, more energy efficient than CPU plotter.
Minimum RAM requirement is only 5GiB, unlike other GPU plotters.


Our pool has been working for more than a year.
We maintain 100% mining uptime by running multiple servers in different datacenters.

Our software works on Windows and Linux.
As before, no other software (like Chia node with blockchain) is needed.

Start mining:


Feel free to ask any questions.


Due to very high complexity of our new GPU miner, I don’t expect any other Chia mining solution with comparable performance within a year or two.
Don’t miss the opportunity to mine 2XCH blocks with 200% reward before halving occurs. Join our pool!

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I see a 1080ti can farm 0.5PB at C15. What can a 1660ti farm?

Probably around 0.25PB, run the benchmark to get better approximation

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LOL I just got finished replotting to official compressed plots today. Back to NoSSD for me. Replot starts now :sunglasses:


me too! :slight_smile: except I was only halfway reploting to gigahorse.

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is solo farming possible?

no solo farming, you have to use the nossd pool

Congrats on the innovation! 747.05 PiB space is worth noting at the announcement.

Addresses = 529
Workers = 2 ,407
Plots (24 hour) = 7 ,912, 373

Please expand or provide more data on this point, Thank you!

“Even at stock settings, the RTX 4090 uses 432W, which jumps up to 465W with a 110% power limit and 483W with a 120% limit.”

  • NUC = idles around 5-10W and uses about 15-25W for light tasks. 60-75W under heavy load.

  • MAC mini = **Maximum continuous power (M2 Pro) 185W

So factoring in power consumption (watts) is a crucial aspect of optimizing one’s setup, especially when adding GPUs which NIVDA seems to have a current monopoly. ONLY IF watts is a concern.

Otherwise PROFIT at any cost trumps watts unless the goal is SPEED for speed’s sake or speed for rapid accumulation then HODL above ALL ELSE (i.e. equipment, HDDs, electricity plus the 3.5% pool fee). But at what total cost. Plus crossing “the signage points occur every ~9 seconds.”

  1. For clarity, is it under 5 seconds or 30 seconds* to minimize the risk of losing rewards?

  2. How many continuous watts does that take per 1PiB, 10PiB, and 100PiB?

GPU plotting can be more power-hungry than CPU plotting. Instead of debating, open up the hood by posting a video.

why not, why must i join pool?

because it is a proprietary closed source plotter than requires a proprietary closed source farmer and the proprietary closed source pool

well GH has also closed source, but you can farm solo, so?

it is hardcoded to use their pool, there is no choice

well, then how can you trust them?

Not working, need help.

Not working, need help. p40 无法工作,请帮助(p40 not working please help)


Try to redownload and unpack archive from the official website

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It is more risky to use nossd over official. Personally I have used nossd for my farm for over a year and no problems. For me the benefits out weight the risk so am replotting to the new GPU version of nossd. And now with GPU plotting it is even faster to replot if there is a problem.

Up to you if you can tolerate the risk. All crypto is risk.

Thanks, the p40 works perfectly!

How is 200% possible? Not asking for secrets just an overview

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