Not Earned chia fee after 1month

Hi everybody
I ran chia network in last month in my labs my chia count is 13 around 3.5TB but i cant see any fee reward or chia reward in my balance, Unfortunately my chia balance is 0 my history is 0 and in farming section everything is 0 except plot count and estimate time (6years)

i checked forum for this problem and i checked wallet syncing process and connection peers and harvester everything works fine

Are you a menmber of a pool?

If not, there are people in this world that have one hundred times more plots and also no XCH won for long time…
As your expected time to win is 6 years, would be crazy luck to win in the first month.

Join a pool and will get low but continious rewards for your plots.

Thanks for answer
I have another problem why i cant found anything about pool i followed this link Guide To Chia Farming | How To Join The Pool Our Pool

Start with number 1 in the tutorial and install v1.2.x.

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