Not found Plots (same PC, same storage, same key)


I’m having issue with my laptop finding 30 plots out of the total 36, the 30 unfound ones are listed in GUI under tab “Not founds Plots” with their file name and path.

the weird issue is that I only have one place where all plots are and the 6 that the GUI found are in same directory, when looking at the path, I can find these plots.

I don’t know why all of a sudden the GUI is not finding those 30, here’s some additional info and hopefully someone can help identify a solution

  • I am only using one laptop, one key, all plots were created using SSD (2tb) as temp and an external WD Elements 16TB storage as the final plot path
  • all 36 plots are in the main directory of 16TB storage
  • The external HDD has been set to never go to sleep from the power settings
  • I tried removing the directory path using GUI and adding it back in, then refreshing, hasn’t helped, when removing the HDD from directory and adding it back in, the 6 plots immediately get found and rest 30 says not found
  • I am using Chia version 1.1.6, windows 10 home, old Gigabyte P35 laptop (i7-5700HQ, 16GB Ram)
  • I don’t see any error logs

Not sure which additional info I can provide for someone to support on this issue

Did you try stopping and restarting the GUI?

Yes, as well as restarting PC, and switching to older GUI 1.1.5

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Do they show up if you run a chia plot check at the command line?

It sounds like a GUI bug…

I have read other topics related with this issue… in some case the cert is the solution when you plotted in different machines.

Did you check with the command plot check?

I just did this, they do show up and I got this message but don’t totally understand how to fix the issue, the message I got is “WARNING there are 30 plots with a farmer or pool public key that is not on this machine. The farmer private key must be in the keychain in order to farm them, use ‘chia keys’ to transfer keys. the pool public keys must be in the config.yml”

would really appreciate some help fixing this