Not found Plots

With Chia Blockchain version 1.2.0, I wrote 21 plots into a pool.
Ever since I upgraded to Chia Blockchain version 1.2.1,
the GUI has placed these plots in the Not found Plots list.
I tried to disconnect and reconnect it in GUI, config.yaml without success.
I also upgraded to Chia Blockchain version 1.2.2, no change.

In the debug file:
2021-07-14T02:43:05.903 full_node chia.server.rate_limits : WARNING Invalid message: 2, 2 is not a valid ProtocolMessageTypes
2021-07-14T02:43:06.176 full_node full_node_server : WARNING Banning for 10 seconds
2021-07-14T02:43:06.177 full_node full_node_server : WARNING Invalid handshake with peer. Maybe the peer is running old software.
2021-07-14T02:43:27.845 harvester chia.plotting.plot_tools: WARNING Plot F:\Space 1Ha\plot-k32-2021-07-09-18-07-1d4…4f3.plot has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer’s pk list.

What is my option to get my plots back?
Thank you!

Did you make a new account? It says that the plot’s farmer key isn’t on your public keys list.