Not found Plots?

Hi, it’s me again. :slight_smile:

I have another problem, I created a plot last night, but today, impossible to farm with it. I’m stuck with the message “Not found Plots”.

I checked in Powershell, it says the plot is good. Any idea ? Is this plot dead ?

Thanks !

Do you know what the error says in the log?

How can I find those ? I just see this one which is not helpful :

[03-05-21 08:24:39] info: Program: Starting Squirrel Updater: --updateSelf=C:\Users\Dams\AppData\Local\SquirrelTemp\Update.exe
[03-05-21 08:24:39] info: Program: About to wait for parent PID 10260
[03-05-21 08:24:43] info: Program: Finished Squirrel Updater

Follow this to activate the logs: How to Enable Chia Logs on Windows – The Chia Farmer

Oh yes I see maybe this can be a clue :

2021-05-05T20:15:14.012 harvester chia.plotting.plot_tools: WARNING Plot D:\Plots\data\plot-k32-2021-05-04-17-08-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.plot has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer's pk list.

Ok, this means that you don’t have the key installed in the Chia Client that can farm that plot. How did you create this plot file? With the GUI? Was it using the same key?

Yes I made this one on my main computer with the only key I have.

edit : and with the GUI yes

This is really weird. It should have used the proper keys to generate the plot. I don’t have anything else to troubleshoot this. Did you create a set of keys, delete them and create a second set of keys?

Yes exactly, I did this in the first place, then I made another key which I’m still using now.

Do you think that could be the cause ? I’m plotting a new one again right now, I’ll see if this one is good or not !

But I’m almost 100% sure I made the “broken” plot with the last key I have

Ah ok, this must be it then, That first plot must be tied to your first key. This new plot should farm correctly once its complete.

OK thank you for you time! I will post tomorrow when the plot is finished to see if it’s good or no.
Is there a command with Powershell to see which key it’s tied?

OK the result of this morning is bad : my brand new plot have the same problem ! Not found again… I have no clue what to do :frowning:

did you reset the pc when you changed from your old key to new

No I just hit “delete key” button then create a new one

reset your pc as it is possible that your old key is still in the system

Uninstall and reinstall Chia. I think you have your old key in the config somewhere and this will clear it.

OK thank you, I’ll try that tonight when I get home, I’ll tell you the result !

I uninstalled and removed everything, then reinstall and it seems to be good now ! My two last plots are working !

The first one isn’t anymore, but I guess it was linked to the old key.

Thanks guys for your help ! :wink:

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if this ever happens again, go to users"usename".chia\mainnet\db. copy everything in that folder and save it on your desktop. then close chia program and stop all services in task manager that relates to chia. then uninstall chia from control panel, after that delete the .chia folder mentioned above, finally clean your registry (you can use ccleaner free version or default windows programs) restart pc, install latest chia version and log in to your wallet using your 24 word key and add your plot directories, right after that close chia and don’t let it sync. again go to users"usename".chia\mainnet\db and paste everything you copied from that folder before deleting it and everything will be just fine. this buys alot of time cuz syncing from zero will take about one day now.

Thanks ! Indeed that seems to be a faster way. But everything runs fine now :slight_smile: