Not only have I just pool-farmed 1.0XCH after all this time but I also won a block!

Woohoo! Sorry to be so childish, but I have been slogging away at this chia farming lark since June (enjoying every minute of it obviously) and spent a fair bit of money, I only started earning some chia once official pooling came out.

So I just hit 1XCH and part of that was a 0.25XCH win from farming a block.

I am very pleased. Today has been an epic day for this and other reasons.

Hang in there if it seems nothing is going to happen. It will.

Curiously had this been self pooling or with OG plots I would have 2.0XCH now, but would have expected to earn nothing for another 2-3 months. I guess earning most of 1XCH in half the time it would take to win a block solo is to be expected.


Gotta celebrate the wins. Congratulations.