Not receiving pool payouts on GUI since V2 update

Any help very welcome!

So I recently updated to db V2 but I’ve just realised that since the update my wallet balance on the GUI has not been updating. I’m in Spacepool - earning about 0.15 XCH/24 hours - payouts have been confirmed from the Spacepool end

As per chia explorer my receive address is displaying the correct balance (>2 XCH) but this is not displaying on the GUI


Following V2 update, I manually updated the config file to V2 files

The only remaining reference to V1 on the config is

“simulator_database_path: sim_db/simulator_blockchain_v1_CHALLENGE.sqlite”

I’m not sure what that refers to or if that is the issue?

Hopefully I don’t need a full re-sync to sort the issue!

Most wallet issues can be sorted by re-syncing the wallet database.
Good thing is in v2 it only take a little while.

To be clear, not the blockchain database, just the wallet db. Close Chia, delete the wallet db and restart.
wallet should sync in no time


And just like that. . . fixed!

Many thanks!

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