Not synced. Is there a way to automatically re-sync?

Hey guys! :man_farmer:

Right now I’m using a NUC with Ubuntu Server to plot and farm.

I’ve the plotting pretty automated, so I don’t pay much attention to it right now, but I use to check 1-2 times per day just to see if everything is working fine in my little farm and sometimes when I check it I discover it’s not farming cause it’s Not Synced, it happen often and it’s a bit annoying because sometimes it has been like that for many hours… With chia start all -r it’s solved in a few minutes, but it sucks to have this issue often.

Anyone knows why it may happen? I believe it’s because of my internet connection, because I’m living in an area with poor connection…

I guess I can automate that checking and restarting task with a simple script and automate that with cron, but it doesn’t seem very optimal to me… is there a better way to re-sync automatically?


So I’ve been running a full node since block 1, and for some reason like - once a week - my peers db gets corrupted, everything errors and loses sync. The ONLY fix I’ve found is chia stop -d all then kill -9 xxx all the stray processes and delete or rename ~/.chia/mainnet/db/peer_table_node.sqlite then chia start farmer coincidentally this also just happened to me 45 minutes ago!


In my case syncing errors happen more often, like daily, but maybe it’s just the same, will try this then! Thanks!!

Not sure your sync errors bit plotting and farming can lag your farmer sometimes, but you might like chiadog so you don’t have to obsess over if its working.


That looks great!! Thanks for sharing!

Actually, if you.may want to start farmer i stead of start all, not sure you need some of that.
Also make sure port 8444 is forwarded to your farmer in your router and test with something like with 8444 for firewall problems. Turn off upnp on any other nodes you have…

You are right, actually I realised few days ago that was not needed to start all, now I only do chia start farmer -r.

And yes, my port 8444 is opened and I only have one node because I read this is the best way to deal with with upnp problems, but not sure that I really understand what is that though. I’m a newbie learning day by day thanks to chia. :man_farmer:

Thanks for your post!!

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