Not winning any Chia coin for a year

@jlorenzi Thought I would put in a plug for the Machinaris WebUI as it bundles many of the tools mentioned above into an all-in-one package that allows for monitoring and management of your entire farming and plotting operation, whether on just one machine or across many. Full disclosure, I am the author. Hope this helps!

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No need to replot, join Foxy-Pool CHIA (OG) ( I used them prior to replotting to NFT, and I use their NFT pool now.

The two blanked out lines are where I’ve purchased XCH, the rest are pool rewards, set to payout once it reaches 0.2, payouts happen at 12:00 UTC/13:00 Local time for me.

PS Hadn’t refreshed the page so there is a 0.204 payout yesterday as well.

Why is the 23/07/2022, 13:08:20 amount so high?
Did you find 3 blocks?

And thanks for the info.

Nope, was in a rush to leave for work and should have blanked that line out as well, it’s just a purchase of XCH nothing to do with the pool.

If I’d farmed a block it would be shown as exactly 0.25 (the 1.75 is shared pro-rata among pool members less the tiny fee), unless lucky enough to get any blockchain transaction fees.

The pool rewards vary due to the pools overall luck, if the pool is lucky rewards go up, if unlucky rewards go down, but it’s pretty constant, and I certainly wouldn’t go solo with my luck.

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I use foxy pool OG. No need to re-plot to NFT at all.
Why waste the electricty and ssd lifespan just for that?