Notification service when Blocks are won?

Hey guys

Is there any service out there yet that notifies you (on whatever channel you chose) when you won a block or any transactions (incoming or outgoing) are made?

Kind regards

🤑 Farmer just found a block!

Email this A.M. > … farmr > when you win … not sure about transactions.

I made a bash script that monitors the coins balance and would send a push notification when the balance changes. I wanted to modify it to do exactly what you are asking but never settled on a way.

One way would be to monitor the log files for a block an then send the alert, But that does create another active task on the PC and I am not sure how reliable it would be.

The other way I tossed around would be to do an API call to AllTheBlocks for the same information but then there I struggle with doing API calls in bash. I think the way would be best and most accurate.

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How many people would be interested in something like that? I could code it. How would you like to get notified?