Nucle chia wallet

I just wonder if someone uses this wallet, I just came across it a bit by chance ^^… a possible return from someone who uses it? good or risky?

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Not here sorry…


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In my opinion, it doesn’t look particularly risky compared to any other online exchange or online wallet service. If you trust Nucle, the service appears safe to use based on the published source code. In part it depends on what you mean by “risky” :slight_smile:


  • Nucle doesn’t know your keys (mnemonics)
  • Keys are stored securely (AES encrypted) on your device, in your browser’s localStorage
  • You don’t need to run software that interacts with other peers (even as a light wallet)
  • Less risk of compromise than running network (p2p) software
  • Easy to migrate your wallet from one browser or platform to another
  • You could run the Nucle app on your own full node server and not have to trust them at all


  • If you lose some combination of your mnemonics, browser profile, and/or password, you lose your chia

Maybe cons:

  • Nucle will know your IP address(es), and what addresses you send XCH to
  • Nucle can monitor how frequently you interact with your wallet
  • The published source hasn’t been updated in 7 months; is it still under development?


  • if Nucle is compromised
    • the Javascript could be modified to steal your keys
    • they could modify your transaction to send to a different address

I gave it a try and they don’t serve any ads or collect analytics or usage data. There’s no 3rd party Javascript except for core libraries served by unpkg. When I made the test wallet, everything was done in browser. The keys (mnemonics) are AES encrypted and kept the browser’s localStorage.

For what it’s worth, this wallet appears to have been developed as a result of a Chia cultivation grant. This is confirmed at Grants - Chia Network. Nucle’s website says that “[the] Chia Network themselves have verified the entire code base”.

Weight those pros and cons against what your risks and needs are, and you can decide if this is any better or safer to use than running the Chia software as a light wallet on your computer. In some ways, this is more secure than using the Chia software, however, you must trust Nucle not to modify their software, and to remain secure and avoid compromise (which they may be better at than most individuals).


A few days ago It couldn’t show the XCH of my wallet and now it says that my wallet has 0 XCH. This is completely false since using Goby I can see my portfolio correctly with my correct amount of XCH. Nucle is an abandoned project in my opinion.

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Hello Mario, having the same problem unfortunately and havent had time to investigate yet. If I find a solution I’ll post it here.


Apparently there is a problem with their sync node server. They had to move the server to cut costs and claim this will be a “short” outage. This is according to a single message on their Discord server on the 10th and a tweet dated the 8th.

Further requests for information have not been replied to so no idea how long this will last. I’m going to install the wallet on a laptop I have here which should allow me to at least access the coins (If you have the full seed and not just 12)


Seems like Nucle is working once more

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More than 3 hours I can not access my XCH hosted in Nucle. What’s happening ? Chia browser shows my XCH in address, but in Nucle I see 0.0

This is from the Nucle discord:

Nucle-D 19/02/2023 16:37

@everyone all servers (nodes) are currently offline due to insufficient funds. Please watch Twitter for updates and remember Nucle is a free service, for which we make no money We ran out of funds to host our super node and post transactions. All your keys are your own and the app will work to view your keys since that is all stored locally. If you wish to use another wallet, that is your choice. But be careful since I cannot vouch for their security

I had 9 xch and now 0.0 whats going on is nucle a scam wallet? please help

What is this wallet doing? shows 0.00 all coins gone ? please if there is a issue inform your users!!!

When are they going online again?

Cant you import the pvt key to the regular wallet?

unfortunately it seems that they will not be in service anymore. Unless they have funds for it again. It is the typical project that earned money and was created but once consumed it disappears since it has not found a business model. I have thought of setting up the chia client in wallet mode and importing my seed phrase.

what wallet your thinking of i allready have a chia node wallet i can make a wallet on my labtop. And i can use the secet words i used from nucle wallet? And then my coin would pop up again? that would be great

The official chia wallet, as we know thats safe to use.
In wallet only mode for fast sync.

Yes, that should work, but ive not used nucle so cant confirm it.

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Gonne give it a try. tnx let you now if it work


Definately report back, as if it doesnt work, there will be a workaround.

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Yes, It must work. Your secret phrase that nucle generate for you represents a wallet on the chia blockchain. And that wallet can be imported into different software that manage chia wallets. But in terms of security, I would only dare with the official chia client in wallet mode.

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Yes i downloaded the chia wallet in my labtop and after 10 minutes the tokes showed up!! Big happy :slight_smile: taken me ages to mine the coins with my 150tb on plots thanks for the tip 10 karma points!