Numerous invalid plots...time to upgrade to 1.1.5

i really appreciate the enthusiasm everyone bring to this forum. i however am feeling abit vulnerable having continually scrolling through posts to loose the points i felt would help. it appears i need a computer screen just for this forum! lol…
thank you @codinghorror for your patience!

my current problem at hand. I’ve only just upgraded to 1.1.4 and nowthere’s a 1.1.5 version. im already lacking plotting speeds is there a way to upgrade without having to stop my plotting process…

the second part of this problem that i am experiencing a discrepancy in the gui for my plots- a questionable portion of my plots are showing as invalid, this is adding to my nauseas sentiment.

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No worries! If you need help just ask here in public so as many people as possible can be helped, as google indexing and searching does its thing. Speaking of… the forum search :mag: is also quite good!

If you have a keyboard (sorry people on mobile devices), press the ? key on your keyboard right now, for starters. Did you know you could do all that? Also, check out:

(I am terribly biased but the forum software is sweet!)

Are you by any chance copying plots around? This will cause them to show up as invalid temporarily during the copy. That’s why it’s good to rename plots to *.tmp before copying them.

holy shit, the ? symbol brings up everything!!! thanks for that! yes im new to this software. thanks again!!

in relation to my plots, i had moved them around on 1.1.2 version, but i did eventually reassign the correct directory afterwards. however this evening (UK ) like 5TB of plots were showing as invalid on the gui and i havent moved anything around today. like one sec they were their the next it needed to re-sync and theyre ‘invalid’.

should i remove all from the gui and re add them?

on another note…
i have been learning the basics of CLI and did update the log to INFO (after reading one of your previous posts) but my eligible plots are 0 in alot of cases. i am using a cellular wifi for my internet as i live on a boat, and my port is closed; perhaps i should move my set up onto land, as i may be loosing opportunites as a result of this…

thanks again

Wow you live on a boat? That’s cool! Chia doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth from what I understand, and you can plot completely offline… however syncing the blockchain that first time can take a while. And harvester proofs have to return in 30 seconds or they don’t count.

On average, only 1 out of every 512 plots will be eligible, so if you have < 512 plots, you’ll see this message more often than not. It’s completely normal. Just make sure the time at the end of the message is < 10 seconds.

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i do indeed lol. yes its different living on a boat but downside is obviously the broadband situation, but looking at it, although my port is closed- which i cant currently change (upgrading to a proper router soon) the proofs are returning within the 30 specified time. more often than not, within 15 seconds. so i guess thats a plus (: just need to address my port issue.

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@codinghorror so i called up the company im buying my router from and also the company providing the cellular tariff for wifi and it seems that i need a business contract to get a static IP and thus port forwarding!

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