NVME 1800mb/s vs 2000mb/s vs 3000mb/s write speed?

Does this make a difference in time to do a single plot etc? Can anyone who compared the write speeds let me know? Thanks!

You should not look at max write speed but at sustained write throughput


So true.

Also, differences between SATA and NVME are within 1hr, so…


This links to a chart with sustained writing throughput for many NVME SSD

Some are REALLY CRAP (like 111MB/s), some are great (2091 MB/sec)

I can testify to the fact that some REALLY CHEAP SATA SSD i have are WORSE than HDD for chia plot generation - they are not intended for this type of workload even if they are far better at general workloads than a HDD


Excellent point, and correct, here’s the sustained write data from that article:


Hmm one odd thing though, I noticed that the Adata XS8200 pro does a lot better in this test than the one on tomshardware where it only get’s around 1000 MB/s. Wonder if there is any difference in test setup. I do think THW also uses 1MB writes for 15mins

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Suppliers also change the hardware as well sometimes - so the above ratings are not gospel