Nvme drive partition conservation

hey there ppl of the world.

i wonder if i’ll split my 2tb drive in two partions ~200Gb and ~1.7Tb and will be using big partition for plotting while small one won’t use at all.

Is this trategy has a point in order to save 200Gb as virgin clean and totally working after the end-of-life of device?

Hope i was clear enough :cat:

Does not matter. Just use the whole 2 TB. SSD function differently compared to HDD and what you have in mind does not apply to SSDs.

Can you explain more detailed please. Differently how?
Let’s say there is a 200gb file in that small partition which means 200Gb of memory cells are occupied by this file and never in use. Where i misread the scene?

Ok. Nevermind i think i figured it out. Thanks

How you partition the drive is just a table, where the actual data gets stored depends on the wear levelling algorithm. The data can be spread anywhere across the NVME since the concept of reading a file sequentially is meaningless when there is no physical head having to scan across a disc. So your notional 200GB partition is spread all around the memory chips and deleting, creating or moving a file can see it being stored anywhere, whether its from partition 1 or 2. Striping an NVME in raid 0 decreases wear as the file system serves half the file from one drive and half from the other.