NVME drives disconnect when plotting

I’m running two WD NVME Drives on a X399 Taichi motherboard. During plotting, each drive eventually shuts down and will only reappear on restart. I switched out the NVME drives with Sabrent drives and I got the same result. I tried plotting in command line vs GUI, I reset the CMOS, updated the BIOS, reformatted the drives, deleted programs I thought might be conflicting, reinstalled drivers, installed heavy duty heat sinks to keep the temps down, nothing seems to keep the NVMEs in the fight. Any thoughts?

Is there airflow over the heatsinks?


I’ll take a look at this, I moved one of the NVMEs to an external USB case to try to manage temperatures better.

Doesn’t seem to make a difference, I have fan directly on it and it still fails, tried four different NVMEs, same result.


You wouldn’t happen to be using a SATA port shared by the NVME would you?

Nope, not the issue in this case. Wondering if maybe the NVME drives aren’t supported. Looked at the motherboard and they aren’t on the compatibility list.

I’d guess there’s a simple, easy answer you haven’t realized yet. Have u checked your event log for what might be causing these nvme drive failures when they occur? It’s so unusual that it doesn’t make sense.

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