Nvme raid0 ubuntu slow write speed

Hi everyone.

I’m struggling with performance issue on 2x CORSAIR MP 510 2TB gen 3 nvme drives.
I’m Using Asus X570 Plus with 64 GB 3600 MHz and ryzen 3900X
Separetly ubuntu bench showing their speed read/write 3000/1400 MB
when i create mdadm raid 0 array numbers are 6000/700. Formatiing using default setting for xfs file system.

I’m kinda new in linux so any help will be appreciated.

PS. Dont use PNY XLR8 CS3030 nvme drives. separatelly read and write are good (3000/3000), but simultaneously 2500/500. On some test bench i read that their cache is the issue so i don’t recommned

Don’t concern yourself with sequential benchmarks. The only thing that matters in plotting is the amount of IO operations (IOPS) it can handle at a sustained level. And the best way to benchmark this is to plot. So start plotting!

It’s debatable whether RAID0 makes much of a difference, but if you want to use it you can try my Btrfs settings here ( Optimizing plotting on an AMD Ryzen 5950x (or any other 16c/32t CPU) - #108 by Harris)

Finally make sure you enable continuous async TRIM as per my post above and additionally run a manual TRIM with sudo fstrim -v /mountpoint one time before you start plotting.


Thanks Harris, i will test it.

Right now with 3 NVME 2 TB (2x corsair mp510 and one Patriot Viper VPN100) on stock clock i put in plotman 18 plots in parrarel and i have around ~11h clok for plot, stagger 30 min, max in phase 1 is 6
4t/4GB ram.
%iowait in iostat show aroud 8-10% with spikes even to 20%
I push this nvme to much ?

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