Observation: 100% doesn't mean 100%

Long story short, I overloaded my NVME, and it ended up freezing all the plots due to no more room to write. So, I had to stop some of the plots, erase them from the drive, that way the rest of the plots had room to do their thing. In the meantime, every 5 minutes, it was giving me a warning, saying they would try again in 5 minutes.

Now, onto my observation. I believe they do the “percentage of the plot complete” is done based on the lines in the log. For instance, notice it takes awhile to get over 31%. Thats because it is not writing many lines in the log. Something else I noticed, is because I had alot of warnings about “Trying again in 5 minutes”, when it showed I was at 100%, it was actually still working on 4th phase.

Does this really affect anything? Not really, but just an observation I made, that may help others understand how the system works.

This is actually affecting your plotting speed and slowing it down immensely. Rule of thumb is usable temp space÷257GB= rounded down, the max amount of k32 plots in parallel you can do at any given time. If you are doing more than this, you are slowing down all of your plots by maxing out your temp drive.

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I realize that. I thought I could squeeze one more in this time for some reason, and it threw it all out of whack. Thanks.