Offering compressed (Gigahorse) K32 plots

Hello community. I offer my plotting services for K32 Gigahorse compressed plots for 0.07 USD/plot, payable in XCH or a method of your choice. Throughput of at least 200 plots per day, as long as you have a fast internet connection (>2 Gbps download).

Decent offer, i could not find less than 0.07$ for compressed plots… any chance to increase your throughput?

At the moment, it is difficult to scale up due to Internet throughput and noise concerns (this is a private setup). I estimate around 200-250 plots per day.

hello to everyone;
i work with him around 6 months ago. He always be trusted partner for me.
for your information.

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Thank you for your kind words

You should post this on fiverr too i was wondering if it would work to offer this as a freelance service to utilize my server after replotting and im sure plenty of people will pay for it epecially if you hit all the small new hobbyist miners on fiverr and the other freelance sites.

I would be charging more than that I think my server running all out would use more than the $17 a day youre charging just in power and cooling costs

I am interested in purchasing a few plots. I have about 60TB I’m looking to switch over to compressed plots. I’m not sure how to send an email here

The more compressed the plot the faster it can be sentover!

Hello. Thanks for your interest. Please contact me on Telegram (@kungfu_master001) or let me know any other channel you prefer. Filling 60TB should be pretty easy (around 4-5 days if you have a fast internet connection). Payment (in Chia or other method such as Revolut) 50% upfront and 50% upon delivery. Price is $0.05/plot. Thank you.