Offline drive monitoring tool/software (?Farmr)

Hi everyone

Have about 70 drives in a relatively small farm. I am using CrystalDiskInfo with email alerts for certain bad parameters on individual drives but I don’t think it alerts me if a drive suddenly goes offline. I have a number of USB drives so this is a concern.

I also use Farmr monitoring tool with Discord notifications which I think is great overall. I have occasionally got a notification through Farmr if a drive goes offline but this doesn’t seem consistent – eg I’ve accidently unplugged a USB drive without first ejecting it & not received a notification.

Anyone suggestions for monitoring drive connections specifically or how to configure the Farmr tool to do this?

You did check each USB port in device manager for Power management to be unchecked.

So there are no issues of drives going to sleep.

On farmr, go to, I use Gmail so get alerts that way, if u prefer discord that’s your choice.

The settings for offline notifications are in the settings gear icon at top of page.

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Cheers - yes all off.

Its more an abrupt hardware or power failure I’m worried about

Thanks I’ve seen that - does that work for all drives? (e.g. on separate harvesters not just full node/farm)

Do you happen to know what the offline trigger is?

I only run one node, but afaik farmr works on pure harvesters as well as long as its installed on them, so can’t see why the notifications wouldn’t work but I’ve not tested it.

I have no clue what the offline trigger is, I’d imagine it’s a certain disk not being found / read after an auto plot update that happens every few mins.

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Something I’ve just started playing with for my chia node is just a standard web gui install for management

Not sure what os your running buttt I know
Cockpit for Linux
Or admin panned for windows.

Seems legit possibly. For managing disks. Lots of plug-ins and configurations, I’m sure alerts is in there somewhere or maybe a different application will.
Either way it’s fun to look at.

I just love a good web gui.

Have to try it!!! Anthen you will know.