Ofline addres1415

While starting the wallet rec internet acces why wont we find better sulution to reciving adres that is possibol to remember so we dont need to log in to get get the addres,. And bythe way i have nice addres from unstopable domains, i purced it thrugh their site , arent they a standart ? Havent minted it yet cuz i think eterium is sily(now even more) and the second blockchain they talkabout dident seams right. Any way can we have offline addres thet we can remember or something

Srry to buther u guys, just one more thing ,what do you think on the .wallet address?

I think you are the expert on this one!

My coinbase wallet has such a thing but no idea how to do it with chia

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Just a quick word of caution, there were some hacks recently due to “vanity addresses” - it’s all over my head but what I gathered was that it makes a more visible target plus the encryption was low enough to brute force on some platforms. Just looking out for you guys -be safe out there. About $1M in crypto stolen from vanity address exploit.

U cant brute force matematic advantage,il go check