Og farming won a block and received ony 0.25chia

Hi I am farming OG plots and won a block at hight 1,003,890 and in my wallet, I see only 0.25 CHIA, where is the rest 1.75, can someone help?

Txn Hash: 0xd0264ef0ac0861280704af3e412b74041a81544daa3a6f7e7a9983767f831760

Must be a pool plot.

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Have you looked at your nft?
you need to manually claim the 1.75 fron the claim button on the nft itself.
Takes a while to show there though, iirc 50 or 100 blocks.

As already mentioned this was on a NFT plot and not OG. NFT plots can be made local and you do not need a pool which will emulate what OG plots did, but by default .25 reward goes to your STANDARD wallet and 1.75 goes to your POOLING wallet which is also on your PC. It’s been a while since I used the GUI but using terminal/CMD you can see both wallets with “chia wallet show” command.

When OG plots are generated your farmer & pooling addresses are the same in each plot so that’s why 2xch goes directly to your standard wallet with OG.

I run the “chia show wallet” and there it told me that there is a pool wallet that I don’t have the keys, its " xch1fnwgtlakr3t9622drh859m4rsr9r3qvmuhx9y2qf37yj7wnc00yqep7c5t". I don’t know how it got in. The thing is that one week ago I try farming OG plots with foxypool, so I installed their software, I could not farm and I uninstalled it and installed original chia software again.
But in the chia explorer

  1. on this new wallet address, though explorer I don’t find the 1.75 from block 1003888
  2. from foxypool I cant find if block 1003888 was won by them , it shows only recent blocks
  3. in block explorer for block 1003888 it says that the pool wallet is this new one!

Any help here;
Also I farm a lot of forks, is it possible that a fork installation changed my pool wallet address, or changed some code so chia block win go somewhere else;

When you pool for og plots, they change your payout address to theirs so that they can divide the block reward for the pool miners.

When you leave the pool, you need to manually change the payout address back to one you own.

Most likely case is the pool will not give you the coin back.
Consider it a lesson and move on is my advice.

Make sure you change your payout address before you donate any more earnings to the pool.

Thanks, do you suggest I create new plots for pool farming and get rid of OG pools?
Will I be able to farm forks too?

And how I see if foxypool uses this wallet address? Is there an explorer for foxypool to see all the blocks won?

Just change your payout address.
Farming tab, top right, 3 vertical dots hit that, then hit manage farming rewards.

You can put that payout address in an explorer, it will show all payments going there.
If there’s plenty and often I’d assume it’s a pool.

It happens alot.