OG plots suddenly appearing?

Been plotting NFT plots for several months - I use Farmr for monitoring & its highlighted that recent plots are “OG” plots (approx 70 where previously I had none!).

When I check my pool number of plots on the GUI, sure enough there are 70 plots “missing” which I assume are the OG plots mentioned by Farmr.

I’ve always been using Madmax plotter via CLI & the commands haven’t changed

Any ideas what is going on?

I’ve noticed occasionally farmr will indicate an OG plot or three has been plotted as I’m doing MM 7/24 NFT plotting. That goes away and they are all indicated as NFT next time I go and check. Must be some bug, but it soon fixes itself, at least in my case. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, although 70 does sound like a bit much.

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Plot thickens - Seems that one entire drive has only OG plots (70) - they aren’t included in the total plot count on the GUI - no idea what has happened or if these are even valid

Happened to me too. Just restart Chia GUI (or service if you’re on CLI) and it’ll go away.