OGPlots vs Self Pool NFTPlots

I have a 10tb drive full of OG Plots. I am thinking of replotting NFTPlots and using them for self pooling instead.

Is there any Pro/Con to using NFTPlots for self pooling vs OGPlots? Ignoring the time/hardware to replot, I am curious as which may yield better results now and long term results?

the only difference its that NFT plots are poolable. thats it. no luckier or future proof… just that, so i would slowly replace plot by plot for NFT plots. ( its not that much either… just 91 plots)


I have been having the same thoughts about my 44TiB of OG plots, lol!

I believe that rewards and pro/cons for self pooling NFT plots are basically the same as self pooling OG plots.

If someone knows differently than please let me know.

I have 30TiB of storage left to fill and will now plot NFTs to it unless I find some reason I should be sticking to OGs. This will take 40 days.

When complete, I will re-plot my 4TiB of OG K32s (I only plot K33s now) and then my 40 TiB of OG K33s. :crazy_face:

I never plan to pool but having the NFTs allows me to change my mind, lolz!


I don’t know if there’s any forks that support NFT plots. So if you’re Chia solo, and farming the forks you probably want to stay with OG plots. That said I’m farming my original block of OG plots on a few forks, and plotting NFTs for flexpool right now.

There are no forks with working NFT pooling as of yet, but NFT plots DO work on Flax for sure and all the forks as well, far as I know.

Poolable/portable plots working on Flax no problem. They did not originally work, when I last tried it, but now they do. This is good. I will replot my OG plots once I have finished filling space with poolable plots.

We are working very hard on secure NFT import for Flax official protocol pooling. :slight_smile:

Does “working” in flax mean .25.payout or the full 2.0?

It would be 0.25 payout for a block at most before the next release. Some users are reporting other issues so unfortunately it is YMMV with NFT plots on Flax for now, until the next release.

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Hi! I just want to drop a note that as of last week, farming NFT plots on the latest Flax 0.1.1 will get the full 2 XFX reward (with a 1 week delay baked into the pooling contract).

You can read more about it on our Reddit announcement: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlaxNetwork/comments/p4v4gp/full_2_xfx_rewards_now_available_for_nft_plots/

This is a stopgap measure before consensus changes we will make in Flax 0.2 (which will be a mandatory upgrade for everyone) to add full support for secure pooling with both NFT and OG plots.

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do you have more luck with k33 plots to win the lottery ?? or is it the same chance as k32 ??

One K33 is the same as two K32s.

@Aspy68 thanks for your reply, but not answer to my question. i know that k33 plots are bigger.

but do you know whether you get more chance to win ??

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There is one difference. For OP, you’ll have to pay fee to claim your pool reward (1.75XCH) part one day. But for OG you’ll never need a fee to retrieve your reward.