Ok, am i still a paranoid

here i got SIX records in logs that i found proof, every occasion before it meant i won. BUT NOT NOW. i did not won!

Those look like partials submitted to a pool.


i am not in the pool

That’s what you believe. How big is your farm? To farm solo, you would need to have multi PB farm to see those lines, I think.

what do you mean what i believe? what are you crazy or just drunk. i might know if i was in pool. i’m self pooling over one year

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People are trying to help you

Your style of response makes me suspect the goodwill will be short lived

How big is your farm?


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Think you’re involved in the wrong project honey


Did you actually check in .yaml that when you installed .6.1 your pooling info wasnt changed from self pooling to pool pooling?
This is a problem that many ppl see after upgrading the client.
Ppl often also see reward addresses changing on upgrading, did you also check those?
Check those!

Then also check your logs to see if these proofs normally come multiple times per day.
If they do, its a clear sign your most likely pool pooling as jacek said, even if you didnt personally change pooling instructions.

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What makes you exactly believe there is a critical bug?
All I see is a constant seach of things which might or might not pose something but without actually encountering any dealbreaking behaviour.

Ok, am i still a paranoid

If that’s the case, I dont understand why you won’t actually use the last known stable release.

Typically, I’d expect testing in a test environment and checking if any critical failures arise such as inapropiate balance, crashes, and so on. If a problem has been found (for example nfts are no longer displayed in wallet), an bug report is issued with the developers ( Sign in to GitHub · GitHub ) upon which investigation for the root cause starts.

You seem to put the cart before the horse by trying to identify a root cause without actually encountering an issue so far. Kind of like:

Hey, there is a Haystack!


There might be a needle inside!

Maybe you do encounter an issue in which case it would be helpful to actually name the issue along with some additional information such as farm size, expected win time, when was the actual last wintime. (peeps can pull some meaningful statistics from such information)

According to the documentation and your mention that you ALWAYS won when finding a Proof:

Please keep in mind that finding a proof does not constitute to winning a plot (getting a payout). Even if you find a proof, it needs to compete with other proofs and win to actually receive a reward.

In other words: To win a plot requires you to find a proof. But assuming you will win a plot every time you find a proof is incorrect.

yes i did. config is fine also plotnft show properly display status Current state: SELF_POOLING

no during that day Nov 5th only i have 6 “found 1” records and that is it. nothing like that before or after except the case of real winning

that is exactly what i’m afraid of. 1.6.1 client freezes sometime for minutes plus those error messages about not recieving new coins and here we go as result you don’t really win.

Thats really odd, but to be honest, 3 proofs in 65 seconds from 1155 plots is also.


there is more a little below “Found 2 proofs” !

I do now. Immediatelly rolled back to 1.5.1

I have been running 1.6.1 since it was release and I’m winning blocks on my farmer, also have a couple of harvesters running. All on 1.6.1, time to really look over your setup. Too many people running this version and having it work.
You keep telling everybody "I do know’ “I do know” but still having problems. We can only try to help if all the information may be provided.

Time for more coffee.

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what are you talking about? i do know? what s this?

are you windows or linux user?

I am a windows user and run several severs.

me either. well ok thanks for your help.

So you are actually in a pool, your own pool , and submitting partials to it. @Jacek was right