Ok here is another one

compressed plots wins multiple times offtenly in comparison to uncompressed plots.

that makes perfect sense for those who still sitting on farm full of old plots and win nothing.

i think this time i hit it. this one is the best of being suggested previously.

Can’t say I’ve seen any difference since I replotted in June, in fact I’m at nearly 200% effort currently.

exactly, compressed plots nowadays make higher effort

btw i also working on testing another theory, very intriguing!

Still not sure, the compressed plot calculation is done by harvester or not?

Or the calculation is done by the the main farmer machine.

depends on sofrware i guess, sorry fella im aware of official client for a while, so cant say

Thanks. I saw CHIA 2.0 FAQ saying harvester does the de compression. Can’t find the FAQ file now.

With Chia the harvester does decompression for now.