Ok so like an idiot i pressed "new address" on the wallet

so it looks like i have created a new receive address… i was under the assumption it would then list 2 but now only the new one shows…

I have searched this forum and had a look at the wiki but cannot see anything that answers my questions…

is the old receive address now defunct? do i need to update my farming tab with the new wallet address details?

I still have the chia i won in my wallet although i did have a mini heart attack when my balance initially showed 0 and it took a minute to refresh the balance…

tia for any help


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I’m not sure exactly, but when you hover over the question mark in wallet in GUI it says there is an infinite number of receive address someone can have for the same private key. I’m not sure it will change anything but I would probably change my rewards address to the new one to be safe.

don’t know how it would affect your farmer.

what happens when you look up your keys in the cli? I don’t think that changes so your farmer should still be fine.

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the keys are fine and have not changed, it’s just the receive address…

the target address is the “old” one and apparently this does not update in the config.yml unless i do it, but i’m not sure if i should…

i am super confused right now as to whether the 2 chia i see in my wallet are really there still??

As I kind of summarized shortly before with the explanation, there is an infinite number of receive address to a private key. your wallet is tied to the private key not the receive address.

i looked again in the config.yml

it looks like i have a new public key… i am even more confused what to do now…

should/can i change them back? i have the old keys/wallet address saved

public key? that’s expected, does it show the old one?

so the “old” wallet address shows in my farming tab on the gui as the target address for farming rewards.
the old wallet and pub key show up in the config.yml
the config.yml looks unchanged,

the new wallet address and public key show up in the wallet tab when i click to look at “private key”

my wallet still shows the 2xch i won a week ago.

i appear to be still farming, but what will happen to tany rewards won.

and… i thought public key was a crucial part of a plot id for your plots… if i change the key are my old plots defunct?

I think it will be ok, as I said they designed it to be able to change address with the same private key. I doubt they designed something to brick your chia wallet history. you should be good.

i hear what you are saying but… and yes it is an easy button to press. the question i suppose is, is the old public key still valid?

i am doing a lot of plots on that key right now… and if so why does it not also show up in the gui as a key

they will both work. Algorithmically those public keys are tied to your private key and its unique to yours only.

ok, so i can just basically just do nothing and leave the plots running on the “old” public key and i’m all good then… very confusing… but many thanks for helping.

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I can confirm hitting the new address button and using a new receive address keeps the old ones valid and they will still work.

You can test by using the chia faucets out there. Just input your current address and after submission, just hit new address.

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thanks man, i did that earlier and it did work.

i suppose the only thing i’m not clear on now, is sending from the wallet, i will test that a bit later.

also how or why you can’t get that old address back into the gui. if it runs on multiple “addresses” why not have a drop down to look at different addresses?

thanks for your reassuring response, much appreciated.

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I’m not sure on that one. My assumption is they will eventually have some type of address book to track it all. I assume that the way it generates key addresses it’s not able to bubble it back it to the first address. If it could I like chia explorer would have that ability.

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The Chia wallet is a Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets (HD Wallet). This means that many pubkeys can be generated with the one associated priv key. The coins in your wallet are tied to this privkey, so as far as I understand, you can hit that “new public adress” button a hundred times, and it wouldn’t make a diffy;) (if this is not the case please correct me).

edit: It is actually recommended to change your pub key for different transactions to enhance privacy.

Made my day :slight_smile:

Ive read, that its recommended, to use a new recipient-adress to improve anonymity, as each transaction including adresses are public accessable.

edit: too late

PS: u can see ur previously “used” adresses in the history in ur wallet-tab