OKX updating Chia node

Hi all,

Quick question, I transferred some Chia to my usual OKX deposit address, but when I check OKX later I discovered that they have disabled deposits until the 5th of May.

Does that mean the deposit will fail or do we think it will sync when they bring the node back online? Any ideas?


An Exchange does not actually have your money. It just an “I owe you” and you hope that they will honor that agreement.
Money(crypto) there is purely paper reality, worth nothing and you should not be keeping any value there unless you need it for active trading on that platform

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Thanks, Voodoo. I use their trading bots and like the idea of keeping funds in multiple places to spread risk. I would hold on my Ledger too but they don’t support XCH yet.

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My understanding is they closing the pairing between USDT or USDC and XCH. They still going to have XCH on their books is my understanding.

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