Old CPU i7-3770 vs Fx 8350?

Hello, I do not have a lot of budget. Can I plot 20 TB with these two processors. Or do you have different processor suggestions?

My Other Hardware
Patriot viper vpn100 1 TB nvme
2*8 TB WD my book
Corsair 80+ Power Supply

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help me brothers please…

Hey, as you can see in that post, as many others, I’m doing well with CPUs even older than yours.

So, with your hardware and the i7-3370 I think you can for sure plot 3 in parallel and maybe 4… (on my NUC I have 1TB drive and I have been plotting 4 in parallel for about 3 weeks in a row without problem).

If I were you I will start plotting 3 in parallel, staggering by 1h each plot, just a few days to see how it goes… and then, once you make sure everything is working fine, you can try plotting 4, but staggering them by 1.75h-2h; it depends on the times you get.

Btw which OS are you running? I really recommend you Ubuntu Server if you are using this machine just for plotting.

PS. I suppose that you have another drive for OS, right?


Os: windows 10 pro

Thanks @guillem I bought a 3770 processor. I will start 4 plots as you specified with 2 threads. Now I’m doing 1 plot with the i5-3330 and it takes around 9/10 hours. 6 GB RAM, 4 core processors.

hey @ismoz! When I read the post I thought you already had these processors available. If you were going to buy one, maybe should have been better if you told us your total budget and the components you already have… to give you proper help.

Also, there are many tested low budget builds on the web to farm chia.

Check these:


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